Everything is background music, a far hum at dusk in which you forget just what you were doing

So I keep making mixtapes. This is one of the things that happens when you’re unemployed & childless. This particular mix is a bit more chillwave & melancholy than my other but it has a kind of coziness to it, I think.

One of the things I’m enjoying about delving back into indie/alternative/electronic genres is just how much my tastes haven’t changed since I was a kid.

Some notes then–

The wife & I saw Frankie Rose open for Franz Ferdinand in October and enjoyed her set, yet she herself was just grating in her crowd interactions. Basically, I came home and listened to all my Throwing Muses & Veruca Salt albums.

Apparently the Mind Spiders are the second group from a guy who was in The Marked Men, which is a punk band I had never heard of. From the comments/rating I saw, my ignorance of Marked Men must be criminal, then I listened to them…and no, no loss there. I find 21st century punk bands trying to sound like Black Flag, Minor Threat, or Minutemen redundant.

This track from Lucius is the only one really worth my time on the album. Yet I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to get the full Cold Showers catalogue for private goth dancing at home.

I had to give in to nostalgia and get the Morcheeba single (I still think of this as a new group, which dates me). When Saints Go Machine is not fronted by Anthony of Anthony & the Johnsons, but I love the track despite this ruse.

Also, the cover image I used for this mix


is a photo I took outside my last apartment in New Haven. I was hoping to mimic this Dan McCarthy painting:


Track listing:

Taking Off, Beach Fossils

Into Blue, Frankie Rose

Endless, Happy Hollows

The Fire, Cold Showers

My Number, Foals

Oblivion, Mind Spiders

Hey, Doreen, Lucius

Gimme Your Love, Morcheeba

System of Unlimited Love, When Saints Go Machine

Dark and Stormy, Hot Chip

Awake, Tycho

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