Music is an Algorithm, a Stuttering Code

So I’ve taken to making ‘mixtapes’ again. It’s difficult to find a site that lets you share your music with others. iTunes fails at sharing, Spotify is just an annoying algorithm, and the other choices are just exercises in “I didn’t know that was a thing.” I will say iTunes Radio has been a real boon to finding new music (again, all major outlets have a comically poor suggestion algorithm–you know you’re bad when I can say “Amazon was so much better”). So, anywits, with my new Windows phone I’ve got access to this site called 8tracks. Here’s my latest, “Burn It Until the Sin Ain’t Real”


Ribs, Lorde

Speed of Dark, Emiliana Torrini

Renaissance Girls, Oh Land

Looking for Love, Chromatics

Til the Lights Come On, Sun Rai

Okay, Holy Ghost!

Miko, The Chain Gang of 1974

Put a Light On, Generationals

Put Me to Work, PAPA

Set My Body Free, The White Buffalo

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